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Lost everything, and required to become an entrepreneur overnight?
Or is your current job situation NOT serving you right now?
Your Startup business set to launch, and couldn't be started?
"Why is my product not what people are buying?"
Business starting to get attention and income, then stopped
"I Lost track of where the opportunity lies,
and can't enter new markets because of NO CASH?..."
TIRED of Trading TIME for MONEY?... 
Are you spending your days, hours, minutes, seconds doing something you love? 
(If you can relate, don't feel alone! All the above was me too...)
and, It was only the TIP of the Iceberg...



Get Access to our ELITE Private Facebook Ads group where you'll get the best help from me, and other Facebook experts, in our community!

💡 Who's it for?

  • ​Business Owner
  • ​Entrepreneur
  • ​Public Figures
  • ​Freelancer
  • ​Coach
  • ​Designer
  • ​Creative 
  • ​Artist


  • ​Stable Internet Connection
  • $ for Ad spent (min $1 per day)
  • Beginner with FB Ads
  • ​Have Business Goals + Vision
  • ​Decide that you agree to the rules of the FB Hybrid Secrets facebook group

Exclusive support and a community of 
like-minded individuals

"Exclusive community for entrepreneurs and support for your Campaigns"


This is NOT going to be a

Like every other mentoring and coaching out there teaching you
the secrets of Facebook marketing...
INSTEAD, we're going to dive into my Number One #1 SECRET 
(that took me many failures to figure out),
and we're going to create
ads for the 3 PHASES of TRAFFIC!

Here's What You'll Get In The

FB HYBRID SECRETS Mini Course that consists of a 9-Part Video Series, teaching you the fundamentals of Facebook Advertising with a PROVEN 27-day (FASTEST) Marketing Strategy to create AWARENESS for your business in order to ATTRACT your IDEAL CUSTOMER. 

Unlimited minutes of Live Online Coaching, with Me, ​and an Active Community of dedicated entrepreneurs who STRIVE to HELP build each other by helping and proactively mentoring others in the group + [PLUS] 24/7 Ad Support!  
​Learn how to build and drive ads that turns Cold Traffic, into Paying Customers! [​Generate more page likes - Turn your page like into leads - ​Turn leads into paying customers
Learn to utilize Saved Audiences to help PRECISE the Targeting
​Learn how to Reduce your Ad Budget, Create irresistible offers, move engaged audiences to take ACTION, and Generate Quality Leads!
but WAIT! That's not all...
If the 96% OFF is not enough to get you to jump right into the FB Hybrid Secrets Group, these four FREE GIFTS might just do the trick:

Success Campaign Overview

REACH your Success FASTER by taking ADVANTAGE of these (3) SUCCESSFUL Like's Campaigns by making sure your campaign is set-up, for SUCCESS!

  • Predict your campaign success before taking it to market!
  • Prevent your ad account from getting SHUT DOWN!
  • Discover the secrets to gain market share! 
  • ​Compare layout to meet the necessary criteria!

Understanding Your Target Audience

A Step-by-Step video training to help you Maximize, Grow, and Accelerate the social performance of your Facebook campaigns with data-driven insights regarding your Audience!

  • Know your audience like never before!
  • FULL Demographic Overview!
  • Discover people's hobbies and interests!
  • ​Learn about your prospect’s lifestyles, and MORE!

Business-Niché Research Tool

This Spreadsheet and Accompanying Video will help you Drill Down and Determine the Market and Niché that is right for you. Once you have that resolved you will be on your way to speaking directly to your audience!

  • Less Resources - Increases the speed and certainty in which you can solve your client’s problems.
  • Higher fees - Specialists can charge more for their services.
  • ​Stand out – By having a niche you are memorable and are far more likely to be remembered.
  • ​Increased visibility - Uniqueness leads to more customers

Copyright Masterclass

Learn how to write copy that makes your potential customers want to know more about your business!

  • Learn how to not just write smart copy, but write copy that sells!
  • Learn compelling reasons for your prospect to respond and take action!
  • Uncover the art of the "HSVO" Copyrighting Strategy to satisfy your customer's emotional NEEDS!
  • ​Learn to fundamental reasons why campaigns fail!

This Complete Custom Avatar Worksheet will help you to spot a demographic that is most likely to buy from your business. An in-depth understanding of such demographics will influence every aspect of your marketing strategy, from development to purchases, and will help you to accelerate your profits.

  • Know where to advertise and who to target to maximize your exposure & profits!
  • ​Be able to anticipate your markets needs, behaviors, and concerns.
  • ​Have a clear understanding of your customer's pains, pleasures, desires and wants.
  • ​Your marketing becomes more fine tuned. Less money is wasted by targeting a narrower audience.


This subscription billed accordingly. Non-Refundable. 
Monthly Discount Shown*


This subscription billed accordingly. Non-Refundable. 
Monthly Discount Shown*



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  • Good news, Your subscription is billed without a month to end by. This means you never need to worry about losing your subscription!
  • You never need to hassle with auto-unsubscribing after X months
  • You can unsubscribe anytime - there is no binding contract. To end your subscription email "STOP Facebook group subscription" to 
  • ​Should payments stop going through or you end your subscription, you will immediately removed from the exclusive group. This maintains the integrity of the community to stay exclusive for being a subscribers only group.
  • ​Yes, you can subscribe anytime again in the future, we will always welcome you back


  • Using the unique formula, we analyse your business to determine the best Strategy, with RESULTS!
  • Exclusivity is assured as we only HELP with Entrepreneurs inside the Facebook PRIVATE Group
  • Set up targeted campaigns to generate new leads for your sales team.
  • ​​Potential clients are pre-qualified and an appointment set up with your sales team.
  • ​​We ensure that you have the best chance of securing the contract, resulting in the highest possible ROI.
  • ​​No changes are needed to your business - other than ensuring that you have the infrastructure to cope with a lot more sales leads than you've been getting in the past.

Johnny Nel is a sales and marketing specialist with 9-year background in the areas of entrepreneurship, direct response marketing, sales, and sales management.


Johnny was exposed to entrepreneurship from a rather young age. His parents started to teach him the fundamental principles of business from the age of 4, by allowing him to buy and sell for profit. 
Johnny’s interest in entrepreneurship, business, and music grew as he became more inspired, as time progressed. 
Johnny’s life revolves around the exploration of being an entrepreneur, businessman, and musician.
Nel defines Mentorship as very important. “It’s vital for your development as an entrepreneur and as an artist,” he says. Transparency and vulnerability play an important role in Johnny’s day-to-day connections with whomever he engages with. 
He also recognizes the importance of submitting to accountability. He sees the benefit of being mentored by someone who helps develop his potential. “It’s not to break you down, but it’s to build you in various ways, to help you set great goals that you can tick off as you achieve them.” Having the support of his parents, Life and Business coaches, motivate Johnny to keep pushing for greatness.
“Stay away from being prideful. Pride is a prison. Be humble on whichever platform you’re on.”
I was in DEBT OVER 174 000k (increasing monthly) at the time this tragedy happened, and I had NO CLUE of how I would be able to get myself out of it… 
I borrowed another $10k (Note debt balance: Over 184k) and invested it into my first Online Course (by far the best 10k investment I’ve EVER made). In a fearful-panic-financial state, I sold my car to survive.
I allocated 20% of the $ toward my living expenses (even if it meant eating rice and water for meals, DAILY), and invested the 80% in a variety of online courses, and used the leftover $ to pay off some of my debt bringing down my monthly bank instalment (back-payment). 
17th of October I had a wake-up call. I realised that it doesn’t matter how much I cry, scream, whatever the tantrum was… that my situation WON’T change if I didn’t change.
On that day, I made a decision to have faith, take continuous ACTION, and KEEP MOVING FORWARD (even if it meant to fall again… at least I knew I was falling forward). I changed my mindset, detoxed my thinking patterns, changed my routine, and shifted my focus on the things I value in life (HARDEST transformation I’ve EVER been through, THANK GOD!). 
I finished the courses by the end of September 2019 and started a company at the end of November 2019 called “PRIXGIG”, a Digital Marketing Agency/Consultancy running ads & campaigns, generating high-quality leads, and helping clients convert sales which enabled them to grow to 6 figures, within 3 months. Because of this, I could pay off my debt by the end of Feb 2020.
I have managed 163559k in ad spent these last few months, helping growing businesses, in different niché’s (industries) grow and accelerate from 4 to 6 figures, continuously, and WOW!... The time to market is, NOW!
With more traffic to reach, advertising costs lower, and ROI (return on investment) higher! There has not been a better time to market, in DECADES! 
If you're currently struggling to get the reach, and exposure your product or business deserves?... 
You, my friend, are in the right place!
I would love to help YOU grow a business, and generate High %ROI if you are willing to put some skin in the Game! 
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